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Smoked salmon


1. How many slices do you get in the different packs?

1 KG sides: 28-30 slices
500gms packs: 14-16 slices
250gms packs: 8-10 slices
125gms packs: 3-4 slices

Serving per person:
Starters - 2 slices
Main Course - 4 slices

2. Can I freeze your smoked fish?

Yes, all our products are fresh and can be frozen on arrival at your home address.

3. What are hot smoked salmon slices?

These are thin cut slices of hot smoked salmon, not fillet portions

4. Do you buy your salmon from local suppliers?

Yes, all the salmon is grown within a thirty mile radius of our smoke house.

5. When is your shop open?

Sunday and Monday closed
Tuesday to Friday = 9am - 5pm
Saturday = 9am - 4pm

Smoked Trout

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